Sugar Free Baking


400 Tablets


250ml Liquid

Available at all good supermarkets

Sugar free baking couldn’t be easier with these great sugar free recipes.

If you are on a sugar free, no sugar, or low sugar diet with Sugromax it couldn’t be easier.

Baking without sugar is easy and affordable with Sugromax. Sugromax liquid sweetener is sugar free, contains virtually no calories, is easy to use and retains its sweetness when baked.

Because a little goes a long way special recipes are required to replace the bulk that sugar normally provides. Download your sugar free recipe book or search below for sugar free baking recipes.

If you have a regular recipe that you want to cut down the sugar in we recommend cutting the sugar in the recipe by half and adding the equivalent Sugromax to make up the reduced sugar. Note that the texture of your baking is likely to be different with a reduced sugar recipe.

Search our special sugar free baking recipes: From sugar free cookies to sugar free banana cake there is sure to be something that takes your fancy.

Sugromax is available at all good supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Free Recipe Book

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